The exercises

Every customer will receive a ROLLERMAX DVD with the guide through all the exercises,
but here is a brief summary of some of them:



Sit down on your ROLLERMAX and find a comfortable position. You can extend your legs out straight, stretch as far ward as you can. You should feel you muscles that are connecting your buttocks and thigh, as well as the muscles down your legs. Hold. Always move at your own pace.

Inner Thigh Roll

Inner Thigh Roll:

This is one of my favorite and most important exercises. I spend a little more time on this one on the DVD and explain it in great detail.

Back of Thighs and Legs

Back of Thighs
and Legs:

Roll your ROLLERMAX down the back of your legs moving slowly and stopping at tension spots and holding for 30 seconds per spot. Balance yourself with your arms positioned behind or in front of your roller.

Front and Thighs and Legs

Front of Thighs
and Legs:

Body is positioned face down with front of thighs on the ROLLERMAX. To maintain proper control, draw abs in and tighten your buttocks. This will keep you from letting your midsection drop and put pressure on your back. Now roll from hip bones to top of your knees.